Modular construction pods

Modular build housing extension pods showcase the flexibility of our off-site construction systems. From single and double combined bedroom and bathroom pods to utility space extensions, our low-cost fast-track modular buildings offer purpose-designed options for a growing number of uses.

Prefabricated housing pod extensions provide quick answers for councils and health professionals when tasked with changing existing residential facilities. Families are often naturally reluctant to relocate when faced with the trauma of failing health or an unforeseen change in circumstance. Because of the current housing crisis, this can mean leaving a familiar community, family and friends, as there are just not enough suitable houses available in many areas.

Increasingly, housing officials are turning to fast-track low-cost portable building pods in situations where tenant mobility issues render existing home facilities inaccessible e.g. negotiating existing stepped access. Installing level-access, ground-floor modular extensions with accessible facilities helps to maintain a tenant’s independence and enhance their quality of life whilst remaining in the comfort of their own home.

  • Mobile crane lifting modular building

Off-site construction

Off-site manufacture reduces noise and environmental pollution, congestion and carbon emissions. Crucially, tenants also experience minimum disruption whilst works are ongoing.

All units are Building Regulation compliant and conform to the Disabled Discrimination Act.

Architectural design options

A wide variety of external brick-slip faced wall finishes can be specified to match existing properties and meet planning office requirements.

Pod extension designs are carefully planned to ensure that existing “through-light” at the properties is not compromised.

Relocatable modular buildings

As a sustainable and cost-effective form of construction, once the modular units are no longer required they can be lifted back out, fully refurbished at our manufacturing facility and relocated at the next property in need of additional ground floor facilities.

Modular construction is a faster and more cost-effective alternative to conventional new build. But with sustainable and thermally efficient technologies, there is no compromise on quality.
Buildings are sympathetically designed to integrate with existing architecture and retain a seamless feel of traditional construction from the flexibility of a temporary bolt-on structure.